the laughter, the goofy grins, the pouty faces.
I am here for it all.   


 dear mom,

I see you. Whether you're staying at home with your little ones or hustling hard at work. Your priority is your family and being the best you can be for them. You have noticed lately that they're growing right before your eyes, right? I get it.

I see you reaching for your phone as soon as a sweet moment arises in hopes to catch it before it's gone. Tell me this - when is the last time YOU were in the frame? When is the last time you updated those family portraits or have you not yet invested in those memories of yours? 

Whether you are new to family photos or you update them annually, I am so glad you've landed on this page because like you, I am a mama and nothing means more to me than my family and documenting them has become a priority of mine.

My mission as your family photographer is to provide images for you to cherish for a lifetime. Not posey posey images. I'm talkin' REAL life images. I want so much more for you than "one good photo!" I am here to tell your story. If this speaks to your soul, let's get to planning!

love, corrie

let me tell your story

Q: Do you help with outfit coordination? 
A: YES YES a thousand times YES! It is actually one of my favorite parts. Full family outfit styling is a part of the CBP experience.  

Q: Can we bring our dog?
A: Absolutely! Dogs are a part of the family, too! 

Q: My son got a scratch on his cheek the day before the session and I woke with really attractive acne on my forehead. Help?
A: If this isn't real life, I don't know what is! No worries! I remove blemishes and am happy to edit out anything that is not permanent. I consider myself a "light retoucher" to keep the authenticity of an image.

Q: How do we pick the location?
A: I got you covered! Scouting is a part of the CBP experience (so much goes on BTS before your session even takes place) and your selected location will not disappoint. I have a variety of spots to choose from based on the forecast and the outfits you have chosen - yes, that makes a difference.

Q: How many people are included in the family session? Any additional charge for family members?
A: Family sessions max out at five and any additional members over the count of five are an additional charge of 25 dollars.

Q: I am worried that my children may act out. What happens if it's a disaster and we don't get any images?
A: This is the most common fear for many parents before a family session and I am here to put you at ease. Not all sessions are a cake walk and that is okay. Kids can be unpredictable and I am aware of this. Before photography I was an educator for five amazing years. I take pride in the connection and relationship I am able to build with little ones, so quickly. No possible fear should hold you back from this precious keepsake. I also include detailed tips an tricks for ways to prepare your children before your family session. This comes with your Family Welcome Guide once your deposit is paid.

Q: How much is a family session?
A: head over to the investment page to see my pricing and what your investment includes.


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