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You may be feeling a little overwhelmed with all of the STUFF you have to accomplish to bring your wedding dreams to life. Been there, sister! Be honest, how long have you been pinning wedding decor inspo. and how many websites have you visited already? Let's stay on that excitement train and keep on rollin'!
Here's how I can be of service to you - vendor help? Gotchu. Connections are everything and I know the best of the best. Timeline, dress shopping, and curating the perfect mood board have become favorite past times of mine. My brides turn to besties real quick!




When you choose me as your wedding photographer, your experience does not end with a hug and a goodbye on your special day. Oh no, that's just the beginning of our journey together (if you'll allow me to stick around and kick it ;) If you choose to start a family in the future, I want to be there to document that milestone for you and the family photo sessions for all the years to follow. Fun fact: I specialize in both weddings AND family photography and love working with kids (maybe it's the ridiculous amount of energy I have, who knows?!)
What you need to know is that I run my business on building relationships, not clientele. The friendship that we've created over time and fostered for MONTHS leading up to your wedding day will continue as long as you'd like and that truly makes me so giddy! You ready to jump on board?


You may not know this, but your experience begins NOW. Before you've even reached out! Our paths may have only crossed TODAY, like, right now as you view my website, but know that my goal is to make you feel welcomed, valued, heard and loved.

What sets my experience apart from other photographers is the amount of couples I commit to each year. EIGHT. You read that right, Eight! I have learned over the years that this is my sweet spot. I LOVE documenting weddings, and trust me when I say if I could take on 25 weddings I would because that means I get to meet and build 25 new relationships. But by creating boundaries within my business I am able to serve those eight couples in a way that I believe sets me apart. 

I have been known to go the extra mile (literally) for my clients (ask me about that story - it's a good one involving forgotten rings during a mountaintop elopement). Need to grab coffee to hash out final wedding details, I'm your girl. Need me to join you and your girls when you say yes to the dress? I'd be honored! And your actual wedding day, I'm your number one fan and hype girl. Drinks to celebrate a couple weeks after you're officially tied the knot - I am so down!

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Q: Are you willing to travel?
A: You KNOW it! This would require a travel & stay fee, which is calculated based on the location. 

Q: What is the turnaround time?  
A: By contract, you'll have your images no later than three months after your wedding, but know that I always aim at delivering well before that date arrives.



Q: Do we get sneak peeks?
A; Absolutely! I deliver those as soon as possible so that you can share them and shout to the rooftops, "I'M MARRIED!"

Q: That's it! I'm ready to book. How?
A: Don't wait a second longer! Head on over to my "Book Me" page and get that inquiry in, girl!

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