Kolby’s Big Boy Room

This blog post is a little different in comparison to my others because I am featuring MY family and one of our favorite places to be…our home. As many of you know, Nick and I are expecting our second baby boy literally any day, or hour! As we made adjustments to prepare for our newest addition, we found ourselves over our heads in remodeling and major household updates. Painting both interior and exterior, building a shed, new decor, patio update, an on and on and on…Stressful? Uh yeah. But amongst all of our tasks, one that kept my spirits up was designing a space for Kolby to transition from baby to big boy, although lets get real…he will always be my baby. I teamed up with some amazing companies and I can’t wait to reveal Kolby’s little man cave as well. Let’s jump right into it and get to the good stuff, shall we?

Here you’ll see my absolute favorite piece for Kolby’s room. The Lorena Canals Round ABC Rug. Isn’t it the most beautiful thing you’ve ever laid your eyes on? Not to mention such a great teaching tool that we’ve already started using! The educator in me had to have this rug, no exceptions! What makes this rug perfect for a little boy’s room is that it’s, get this, machine-washable! Talk about convenient! 

This rug also comes in pink and blue. I loved the neutral color as it worked really nicely with the rest of the decor and design choices we had already made. I might add, Ruger loves this rug. I picture the day Ruger is allowed to sleep with Kolby in his room, curled up in the middle of this monster of a rug. Then again, who am I kidding…we all know Ruger will be in the bed with Kolby. He’s just as much a baby as Kolby is!

The Lorena Canals Rugs are eco-friendly, using non-toxic dyes and 100% natural cotton. Each rug is handmade, created with care and produced individually by their artisans. The process is fascinating and one that I will gladly support. Check out the process, here. Lorena Canals social mission is one that speaks to my soul and benefits children around the world. With the purchase of one rug, a customer helps a child attend school. Their mission is to break the poverty cycle by providing schooling for children in northern India. Check out more on the amazing things this company is doing, here.

The next space in this room I gave much detail and thought to was Kolby’s reading corner. I know from experience with my students that when an area is inviting, warm, and cozy, children are much more likely to enjoy it! In each of my classrooms I have created a “reading jungle,” which is always a hit with the kids. This reading nook is a place where Kolby is able to relax and curl up to his favorite books independently or with us. Parents say “the sound of silence means trouble” and usually that rings true. But now, I find Kolby lying on his floor cushion/pouf reading a book aloud and it’s the sweetest scene of them all. Moments like these melt my mama bear heart and I am so grateful for this space he has. After searching high and low for the perfect, large pouf I landed upon And The Rest. This company is ran by Lotte, a mama on a mission to create products designed with “rest” in mind. Wraps to snuggle, linen to snooze in and poufs to unwind – all in bright, bold prints and organic cotton. This particular print is titled “Stones + Snow” and currently out of stock, but she just released new adorable prints you and your little one are sure to love! 

Now I get to brag on my husband, a jack of all trades and handyman extreme. There are a few pieces in this room that Nick built and they truly made the room so functional and eye catching. One being the shelving in the reading nook. I wanted something Kolby could access on his own, but also high enough so that he wouldn’t have all of the books on the floor at once, because real talk, that is exactly what would happen. Teacher tip that I took from my days in Kindergarten came in handy as I designed the layout of these shelves – allow some shelves to be accessed independently, but be sure to leave some untouched so that when books are rotated your child is being introduced to new text that excites and motivates him. Something else I like to do is keep books seasonal. I have a tub organized by months and seasons so that they are fresh and “new” for him to read as we explore and make real world connections together through the changing of seasons and holidays. 

Nick also built this gorgeous “big boy bed” that I still can’t believe my little boy is sleeping in. I swear, Pottery Barn ain’t got nothin’ on the things my husband creates. 

And now for all the fun stuff that makes this big boy room personal, fun, and downright KEY-UTE! Kolby, like his mama and daddy, has become a lover of the outdoors and everything in the sky. The sweetest moments are when I see Kolby jumping with all of his might as he tries to catch the moon, sun, and stars. He is convinced that he can get them and we certainly do everything we can to keep that imagination and determined-spirit alive in him. Knowing these fascinations of his, we have incorporated some beautiful artwork from some talented friends and creatives. 

Kristina, owner of Dream State, creates these perfect little pennant flags hanging above Kolby’s bed. Her Etsy shop is full of the cutest wedding, party, baby goods and decor. These two items are just a small glimpse of what she creates! Click here to get your hands on one of these flags! 

Feast your eyes on these babies! Have you ever seen something so perfect for a little boy’s room? Good friend and teammate from our college days, Sidonia, owner of Hung Goods, created these three gorgeous pieces of art. When Kolby was in his nursery he had illustrations of an elk, fox, and bear above his crib that were created by Sid. It just wouldn’t be right to have anyone else  fill these walls. Throughout the day we hear Kolby naming off the “sun, earff, and moon” then his eyes wander to the flags and he continues with, “mountain, clouds, two moons!” Without a doubt, his room wouldn’t be complete without these pieces.

Another piece of artwork I had to have comes from one of my favorite calligraphers, Courtney Smith, of Courtney Smith Designs. I found her when I was looking for a very particular design for my photography logo and landed upon the jackpot of hand lettered prints! Literally, her work is scattered through each room of my home. This one, clearly, belongs in Kolby’s room. To get your hands on this particular print, click here! Stay tuned for some more adorable prints that are going in baby’s nursery! 

You’ve probably wondered where in the world are all the toys? Never fear. I got you covered. This shelf, along with perfectly sized bins are where the toys are stored. And no, those aren’t chock full of toys stacked to the brim. I have learned that the phrase less is more is everything in a child’s space. Kolby’s closet has bins of educational toys, puzzles, and activities that we rotate to keep him interested and explorative. I try to stick to the Montessori organizing methods, which gives children freedom within limits and guidance without direction in learning. Something I learned as I taught preschool during my college days at WSU. By keeping few toys/activities easily accessible on this shelf, Kolby has figured out how to keep the chaos, controlled. If you want to learn more about Montessori, I love talking about it and will happily answer any questions to the best of my ability as you think through your child’s space. 

This OK to Wake clock has been a game changer for us and early morning wakings. Check it out, here!

This TeePee is Kolby’s favorite hangout spot in his room right now and this reversible quilt, made by Modern Burlap, is my favorite bedroom accent that we love snuggling up in.

I think it’s obvious we are all loving this transition and Kolby has become a big boy before our eyes. He has grown to be such a lover and we are enjoying all of the cuddles we can get from him leading up to the birth of his little brother. Kolby’s old nursery has gotten a little facelift and I am excited to share that with you in my next blog post coming after our little man arrives. If you have any questions about any of the amazing products I’ve mentioned in this blog post, I will gladly send you some insight! Nothing makes me happier than “mom talk” with others who are enjoying these moments as their little ones grow.