Brooks’ Nursery + Mommy Must Have Items

Brooks is nearly 5 months old so I figured I’d get his nursery blogged before he graduated from college #momlife. Like all blogs I create for the families I photograph, I want this space documented and stored away so that I can look back at it in the future. I also want to share some of my favorite must have items that I can’t live without. Some items I used with Kolby and others I wished I would’ve had! Let’s get to it!

The bookshelf you see was made by my husband, Nick, when we were expecting our first son, Kolby. This shelf is bolted to the wall and ain’t goin’ anywhere anytime soon! Which I love, because now Brooks will enjoy it and at some point when the boys are old enough, we imagine they’ll share this room together.  On the shelf we keep our favorite little numbered bins from Land of Nod. The little baby toys you see on the shelf are wooden and rainbow colored, just the way I like it! If you haven’t heard of Fat Brain Toys, let me blow your mind for a moment. It is a website where toys are compiled based on age and ability level! It is amazing! I can’t stand noisy toys that don’t serve a purpose! This website has been my favorite from the get-go. 

In the basket on the shelf you’ll see an assortment of our favorite baby swaddles. We were gifted some awesome aden and anais swaddles for Kolby that held up so well and are soft as can be. We will continue to use those as well as the other ones we received from Little Unicorn. Another one of my must have items is this security blanket that was gifted to us along with the matching swaddle. Let’s face it, kids have to have some type of “lovey” and I wasn’t looking for a giant teddy bear or blanket to haul around. These tiny security blankets are breathable, cute, and cuddly. Kolby still loves his, so we went with the fox theme for Brooks. He already holds onto it as he sleeps. Plus, that helps control his “crazy arms” as we like to call it. You can find this exact security blanket here

This bedding is made by Modern Burlap, one of my favorite companies! I love them for their simplistic black and white designs. Very modern and clean looking, but don’t let this design feature fool you – it’s not all about looks! They actually use black and white because it’s one of the best ways to stimulate baby’s vision, especially from ages 0-4 months. These strong signals sent to baby’s brain, which not only enhances vision, but stimulates brain development! Uh, yes please! 

Next up, I’ll share some of my favorite decor pieces from some amazing shops. I have used Courtney Smith Designs for my very first photography logo and her beautifully made hand lettered prints are scattered throughout my home! In the nursery I have two of my favorites of hers hanging above Brooks’ crib. 

On the opposite walls I have shelves Nick made that hold some of my favorite baby books, the letter B, gifted from my aunt LeAnn, and some adorable little “rattle buddies” made by Finn and Emma. 

This teething ear is also made by Finn and Emma. The ring is made of beautiful Indian hardwood and finished with vegetable seed wax. The ears are made of the softest cotton ever and their prints are so cute. 

Babywearing is something I didn’t do as much with my first as I would have liked, so I am trying to make an effort to keep Brooks closer to me, more often. Truthfully, now that there are two littles ones, baby wearing is sort of a necessity. I used the Solly Wrap and Ergobaby 360 with Kolby, but let’s be honest, the Wildbird is the prettiest and I really wanted something gorgeous for photos. When I first opened it up, it was thick as could be and I wasn’t sure how comfortable it would be for baby. I then learned that there are tricks to wear it in (we braided ours for a couple hours, rubbed fabric together, and of course used it) and have noticed that now he fits into the sling better than ever and we love it! My sling is from the Chambray Collection

Another product that turned heads in every aisle I walked down was the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock. This is super convenient when I have both boys in tow, otherwise, literally nothing fits in my cart. Click here to see how it works!

And now for the two items that I actually couldn’t live without, the Ollie Swaddle and DockaTot! I used the Ollie Swaddle with Kolby and SWEAR by it so it was a no brainer that I’d be using it once more with Brooks. Just as it worked magic for us with our first, it was equally successful for our second. The Ollie is created with moisture wicking fabric and serves babies during warmer months, ensuring that your little ones stays secure, dry and free from sweat. It also works during the colder months, keeping your babe secure and warm without overheating. The startle reflex is a real thing and I’ll tell you what, without the Ollie I would have to go in over and over and over to soothe my babies back to sleep. The swaddle helps eliminate that factor and gives us all more sleep. At 4 months Brooks was rolling like a mad man, both from back to front and front to back, so we transitioned him to arms out for two weeks and he now is sleeping swaddle free. Although the Ollie was used for what seems like a short 5 months, I seriously can’t imagine going through those newborn days without it. 

The last product I want to share with you is something I wish I would’ve had for my first as well. The DockATot is such a game changer and I use it still to this day! I imagine he will outgrow it in the next month or so, so I will enjoy it while I can! If you’re unfamiliar with this amazing product, allow me to explain! The DockATot is the ultimate docking station for your baby, ages 0-8 months old or 5-22 lbs. It is a safe and comfy spot that lets baby rest, lounge, play, cuddle, and do tummy time. Because it is lightweight and portable, we bring it with us each time we traveled home to Washington. My favorite part of the DockATot is the piece of mind it gives me knowing my baby is comfortable and safe in it. I also love that once he was big enough, I could tell it gave him a sense of security with the surrounding cushions keeping him comfortable and allowed hours of sleep. We used the DockATot when he was days old in place of a bassinet, then allowed him to transition to his crib very early on because he loved it so much! Here are some other ways you can use the DockATot! Below you’ll see Brooks at a variety of ages enjoying one of my mommy must haves!

If you’re on the fence of whether or not to purchase any of these products, don’t hesitate, especially if you plan on having multiple! Get your moneys worth with all of your babies! What are your mommy must have items? Is it weird that I am obsessed with checking out all the new gear and toys? I’d love to hear your favorites!