Shoot & Share Contest Results

Year number two in the books and the results are so exciting! This contest is my favorite for many reasons, number one being IT IS FREE! Not only is it free to enter, anyone is able to view the photos entirely at random and vote! Nobody knows who took the photos, but everyone votes for the winners! It sort of reminds me of one of my favorite shows, The Voice, but in photograph form. In my opinion, it’s one of the most honest photo contests out there! Featuring 25 categories in total with the option to submit 50 photos. Last year I was “all in,” as they refer to it. This year I entered the max again, because I feel that it is such an AMAZING way to gauge how others view my work, which IS important to me. Another reason I love this contest so much, is the opportunity to connect with SO many photographers that inspire me. During the contest you are able to “favorite” images and then later on discover who the artist is. I love reaching out and letting them know I had been obsessing over their work throughout the contest!  

As you may already know, I love documenting it all, which can be difficult at times, but where I find emotion and passion, I’ll stay. This year I entered photos in the following categories: 

The Bride, Birth & Newborn, Family Portraits, Engagement & Couples, Styled Wedding, Pets/Animals, Wedding Couple, Babies & Toddlers, Maternity, Emotion & Excitement, Shared Joy, Lifestyle/Family Documentary, Kids, and People Portraits…WHOA!

Last year of all 50 photographs I entered, 22/50 were top 30% or better. See results below.



The 9th place photo is still one of my (if not, THE) most cherished image I’ve ever captured.


As I mentioned before, I was all in with 50 photos! Of those 50 photos, 44 placed in top 30%, which blows my freaking mind! Talk about progress! Here are the awards and their counts. It’s pretty remarkable when you think about the numbers. 



This photo of the beautiful Tina Miller and her tree of a husband’s shoulder (you’re the real MVP, Trevor). This image won 1st place out of 14,265 others in it’s category, The Bride. Kid you not, I am still entirely beside myself and will forever be proud knowing my first wedding EVER placed in such a big contest. I died the moment I saw this image on the backside of my camera and knew it was going to be BIG. Tina, you’re flawless!  

Next up is what set my Newborn Lifestyle world on fire this year. Dane, Kylee, and their beautiful baby girl snuggling up together in their home sharing the most genuine of all feels placed 14th place out of 29,560 photos in the Birth & Newborn Category. 

My third best photo placed 74th out of 29,963 in the Family Portraits Category and it is the most darling mommy & me moment featuring my dear friend, Savannah Poulsen and one of her little girls in a field full of wildflowers. 

The next 7 placed as a Finalist within their category, which means top 3%. 

The next 15 images placed within the top 10% of their category. 

This next 14 placed in the top 20% of their category. 

And finally, these 5 images placed within the top 30% of their category.

As you can see, the winning images are some of my most recent work. I feel like I am finally able to hone in on the brand I’ve worked hard to develop. I am more confident in my photography abilities now than I have ever been before. Consistency is important to me and I am loving the direction Corrie Butler Photography is going. Thank you all for your never-ending support in this journey. Happy to have you along for the ride!

Did you enter the contest? If so, I’d love to check out your work and connect with you! If you didn’t enter, but want to see the final results from all 25 categories, click here!